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Masters Translation and Interpretation, Chinese

I ask for consideration for scholarship assistance in order to complete the MA Program in Translation and Interpretation at the XXXX Institute of International Studies at XXXX (MXXX) on the basis of my academic preparation, but most of all my volunteer and professional experience.  Over the course of the past 2 years while I studying in America, I have made three trips overseas with the Passion For the Poor International organization to help some of the most neglected and abused subgroups in East Asia, mostly Christians. I was able to assist, help and teach orphans, street children, disabled and abandoned children. Most were unable to attend school due to their resident status, so it was a special privilege to teach them. These experiences in particular have me profoundly inspired to give my all in the area of translation to help organizations that serve, poor, abandoned, and abused Chinese-speaking children and their families. I hope to solve translation issues on behalf of the voiceless across East Asia and beyond after earning my degree at MXXX.

My recent work on the Internet in Translation also speaks to my capacity to make valuable contributions to our field and thus merit the distinction of receiving a scholarship. About 4 years ago, I started translating for and soon became the principal translator in Chinese; translating hundreds of video subtitles and articles from English to Chinese on a wide ranges of topics. I have also translated thousands of emails in these two languages both ways and serve as the main interpreter for the counseling service provided by this organization (usually on Skype). This working experience has resulted in an increasing flow of ideas that I have for the advance of translation technology in our most dynamic context, the cyber world.

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