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Sample of My Work on Behalf of Applicants to Graduate School in Agriculture

I hope to continue to have the privilege of helping the best and brightest minds to be accepted to advanced programs of study in Agriculture and Food Science, with an eye towards battling chronic famine wherever it exists, and building a tomorrow for the Developing World that is characterized by food security rather than insecurity. I also hope to contribute to the building of a world without hunger.

Helping applicants to graduate programs in the area of agriculture allows us to have the privilege of helping to improve institutions and investments in agricultural research and development, especially as concerns less-developed countries, our central focus at We are especially interested in the way in which less-developed countries need to become more self-reliant through the ongoing, sustainable development of crucial, new agricultural technologies. It is an honor for us to help those who will have an influence in the future over critically important policy decisions in the allocation of resources for agricultural research. We have now helped generations of development specialists in agriculture, applicants who have completed their programs and are now strategic decision makers and advisers in international agencies, working for national governments or staying engaged with cutting-edge agricultural research in both public and private sectors. It will be an honor for us to assit you as well in the fulfillment of your professional dreams in agriculture.

It is a great privilege for me to help applicants to graduate school in the area of agriculture because the challenges confronting world agriculture will need research, development and innovation in the field of products (genetics, crop protection, veterinary medicines) as well as production methods, in both animal and vegetable production. The cradle-to-cradle concept should be the objective as far as possible. An example of this is the quest for maximum use of by-products (recycling) in the production of animal feed, of renewable energy and in the production of high-grade industrial products (gelatin, cosmetics, biodegradable plastics, …).

Europe has resolutely opted for ‘process’ quality, as opposed to many other trade blocs that focus on ‘product’ quality. This costs money. The ‘healthy herd’ principle implies a significant added expense for the European farmer who will not immediately be compensated by the market. This accounts for the budgets which the European Union is making available for the European Common Agricultural Policy.
Sustainable agriculture does not happen by itself. The market cannot absorb (in its production costs) the negative impact of agricultural production on the environment, on the socio-economic development of the countryside and on public health. This is nevertheless a condition for achieving a sustainable agricultural economy. The policy instruments of the European Common Agricultural Policy are already assisting European agriculture to a considerable extent towards achieving sustainable agriculture. It is essential that the world community embraces these so-called ‘non-commercial aspects’ of agricultural economics and integrates them into the debate about food security. This is the only way in which a worldwide sustainable agriculture will be realized.

For as many people as possible, among those who provide me with adequate information, I carefully review it so as to produce what in my opinion would be a model first paragraph for your statement. The first paragraph is especially critical. Many experts suggest that many applicants are generally accepted or rejected on the basis of the first paragraph alone. I do several of these a day; about half of these applicants decide to become paying customers so that I can finish the statement. Then, they often recommend me to their friends who are also going through the application process. This is how I support myself and my son, laying something aside for his future. Let's get started working on your statement together, as a team!

My service is quite different from other statement writing services on the Internet for several reasons. I am the little guy on the web, not a big business like most of my competitors. You deal directly with me. I answer all of your questions completely free of charge and I am solely responsible for producing a statement that you are very pleased with.

Agriculture is of fundamental importance to our mission of alleviating suffering and fostering sustainable progress in agriculture in the Developing World. Food is, of course, the most basic of all platforms of human progress, epecially as it related to extreme poverty. This is why we are especially pleased to help clients from places and concerned with places where famine raises its ugly head regularly. 

Career Change from Agriculture to the Health Sciences, Statement of Purpose to earn the MHA Degree, Masters in Health Administration.

A very diligent student and hard- working woman originally from Ghana, I am determined to succeed here in America and I now seek a career change in order to excel professionally and make my maximum contribution to my community. My undergraduate studies are in the area of Agricultural Science and my Master’s studies in Agricultural Economics, graduating from Mississippi State University with my MS in August of 2013.

Since October of 2014, I have been employed as an Office Manager for the UChange Home Health Agency in Chicago IL.; and my new work has me most inspired to continue to grow and reach out for greater levels of responsibility in health administration. I now feel strongly that Health Administration is my professional calling. Thus, in order to receive the finest preparation possible, I hope very much to be accepted to your distinguished Master’s in Health Administration (MHA) Program at the University of XXXX because I see you program at UXX as the finest MHA Program in XXXX.

I especially appreciate the way that the MHA program at UXX is designed to provide an opportunity for the pursuit of a career in health administration for applicants whose undergraduate degree was earned in a variety of other fields, applicants like myself who now aspire to enter the health field as administrators and managers and to obtain their Master’s Degree in Health Administration.

After carefully studying the curriculum for the MHA at UXX, I believe very strongly that I am a perfect fit with your program and that I will have something special to contribute to class discussions as someone with a background in Agriculture and a focus on Africa as well as Economics. In this way, I look forward to contributing o the diversity of your program.

I also have extensive experience now for X years serving as the financial secretary of my church, I perform administrative tasks for my church as a whole, which includes management and oversight of all transactions and the preparation of annual financial reports periodically throughout the fiscal year, which serve as a basis for projections concerning the coming fiscal year. I prepare and mail invoices for our vendors, draft letters, receive payments and preparing bills, etc. I also make certain that all monies are paid and received in a timely fashion with the support of QuickBooks.

Earning my MHA from UXX will allow me to continue in my present professional position in home health, continuing to serve as a preceptor to the extent to which the need should arise. I have been living in Chicago for the past 3 years and I have fallen in love with this beautiful city, the bus and train systems, being close to my family who live in Chicago. Living here also allows me to have extensive contact with Ghanaian community groups in Chicago. I love America and the wonderful opportunities that it has to offer; yet, much of my heart is still back in Africa and, thus, as I make progress in Health Administration, I hope to contribute to health administration in Ghana as well as the USA. At some point in the future, I hope to design and operate my own non-profit in Africa helping to make health administration more efficient.

 I thank you for considering my application to the finest MHA Program in XXXX.

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