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Sample 1st 3 paragraphs, MS Degree in Oral Biology

An experienced dentist from India who has been making my home in America for the last several years, I seek additional advanced training here in the USA in order to re-enter the workforce as a professional research scientist fully dedicated to fighting oral disease. Towards this end, I hope to earn the MS Degree in Oral Biology at the University of XXXX.

In January of 2013 I completed a Preceptorship Program in Periodontics at UXXX, where I had the enormous privilege of contributing to ongoing research concerning various areas of Community, Public Health and Health Services Research. I have a special interest in Microbe-Host Interactions and Immunology, Stem Cell Biology, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering. I am especially proud of my collaboration with a colleague that resulted in a dental app which facilitates communication between specialists and patients for the diagnosis of oral lesions in communities where not many specialists are available.

In addition to actively participating in numerous free dental camps for poor rural children, I also helped to run training programs for primary school teachers so that they would be able to teach good dental hygiene to their students. I have served as a volunteer assistant on a variety of research projects including an immune-histochemical study of the distribution of fibronectin on healthy and diseased root surfaces. My principal research interests lie in the relationship between dental hygiene and oral pathology. I look forward to doing some of my class projects on India, in-depth analyses of oral pathology, unlocking the mysteries that lie beneath the suffering so as to move forward in the search for more effective ways to respond as a society to public oral health needs, here in America as well as in India, which has some of the highest oral cancer rates in the world.

Samples of My Work for the Masters Degree in Biology

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