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Online Masters of Science in Business Analytics

I hope to earn the MS Degree in Business Analytics at XXXX, where I currently serve as a member of the faculty and a program administrator, I could not be more dedicated to lifelong education and hope to earn the Master’s Degree in Business Analytics so as to maximize my contribution to my profession and society generally speaking, to the fullest extent possible. Despite the fact that I already hold the terminal degree in my field, Education, I feel strongly that, with the incremental rapidity at which data is becoming central to the workplace, new tools, skills and processes are required to optimally fulfill my role as an education professional, staying relevant and effective in our brave new frontiers based largely on IT.

Of the many wonderful professional experiences that I have enjoyed since earning my EDD Degree in Higher Education Leadership & Policy at XXXX University in 2012, my greatest honor was having the program that I developed for veterans designated as the Best Program Special Populations in 2017, awarded by the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) South Region. Earning my MS in Business Analytics will enable and inspire me to continue to develop creative educational programs on the cutting-edge that are highly relevant to our high-tech, profit driven world. I will also be able to better honor the XXXX’s mission to serve at the forefront of educational system development by taking full advantage of technological advancement, especially computer-driven technology.

As both faculty and program administrator, I have become increasingly involved in the process of recruiting new students for our program.  This is complimentary to my research and teaching in the areas of higher education and workforce development, experiential learning, and special attention to veteran’s issues in the workplace. If accepted to the Online Masters of Science in Business Analytics Program at XXXX, I would become more effective at identifying data driven analytics problems as they relate to issues of access to higher education for special populations. It would better equip me to effectively access relevant data streams of information and employ the appropriate mathematical models that serve to best inform decision making, the allocation of resources, and state and federal public policies.

My long term professional goal is to have the privilege of serving as an Academic Dean or a Senior Higher Education Researcher and Policy Analyst at the state, federal or corporate level. I enjoy reflecting on the way that higher levels of education correspond to lower levels of unemployment and poverty, accelerated economic development, higher levels of civic participation and decreased public dependency on social safety-net programs to name just a few profoundly important aspects of the contribution of education to society. I am very concerned, however, that participation in higher education differs significantly based upon socio economic status, parent education level, and other demographic characteristics. I want to contribute to bridging these gaps and my professional dream is to play a part in solutions that mitigate this issue.

As a Dean, for example, I would be especially interested in maintaining a balance between teaching and research. I am equally interested in refining the roles of public (or private) universities in such a way as to better manage the gap between goals and finite resources, retrofitting existing infrastructures, increasing community outreach, encouraging diversity, mentoring students and junior faculty, and developing strategies for moving higher education forward in an era of declining revenues. I look forward to dealing with increasingly diverse and complex sets of problems.

I thank you for considering my application to Business Analytics at the XXXX.

MBA International Business Personal Statement Sample, Ukranian

XXXX University is my first choice for earning the MBA. I love the global perspectives emphasized at XXXX, the celebration of diversity, and your cutting-edge treatment of international business development in particular. My principal professional as well as personal inspirations are strong woman in business and politics who were able to bring transformations and positive changes to society. I want to serve as an example to other women in business of the way in which a lot of hard work can pay off with great success. In my case, with more than 15 years professional experience in real estate and construction, earning the MBA will open new doors to future opportunities of which I am dedicated to taking the fullest advantage. I have matured and learned a great deal from my extensive travels in addition to my professional experiences. My native languages are Ukrainian and Russian and I am fluent in German as well as English. I can also communicate on a basic level in French and Italian. 

As an MBA student, I look forward to paying special attention to the study of foreign investments in developing countries, particularly the role of leadership by women in business and public administration. I have been an active member of the Ukrainian cycling society throughout my adult life – part of a small minority of women in the organization - organizing and running cycling events for years and this has helped me to develop my leadership skills, communication abilities, and my ability to organize and multitask.

My country, Ukraine, has been suffering greatly in recent years from war, a sluggish economy, inefficient management, and very high levels of corruption, leaving ordinary people struggling for survival. I feel strongly that we very much need a new generation of leaders with more liberal, creative views, not so anchored in the struggles and competition of the past but able to re-work institutions anew. I like to think that my education to the MBA Degree in International Business at Hult University will provide me with fresh business ideas. I want very much to contribute to bringing new investments to Ukraine, in industry, agriculture, and health, making the most of the advance of technology. A world-class education is indispensable in Ukraine to become a leader, especially if one is a woman.

In addition to my volunteer activities in cycling and fundraising, for the last 4 years I have also been helping a network of orphanages.  I fly to the USA for nearly a month every year for business meetings and to Great Britain for cycling as well as business. I go to France to ski as well as cycle and also ski in Germany. I am also familiar with Spain and Italy and have toured much of South East Asia and parts of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Caribbean, further refining my delight in the celebration of diversity.

I thank you for considering my application to International Business at XXXX University.

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Sample 1st Paragraph, DBA Applicant, Older

I am a highly experienced manager in financial services and wish to apply my substantial and hard-won knowledge and skills to teaching and research at the highest level. With this end in mind, I am seeking to join the doctorate program. I realize that I am not a typical applicant being 56 years of age but feel that I can bring highly relevant insights and ideas to the program borne of the length of my working life and the variety of roles that I have undertaken during it. I have been involved in numerous research projects during my working life and feel that I have the characteristics required of an excellent researcher. I have also mentored and tutored junior staff for much of my career and greatly enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills and in encouraging others to fulfil their academic and career potential.