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Architecture Masters, Urban Planning, Chinese

Your Master’s Program in Architecture program at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate school primarily because of your emphasis and vision in the areas of global sustainability and inclusiveness. I hope to excel as a graduate student at Colombia primarily because of my great passion and already expanding base of knowledge concerning anything and everything having to do with environmentally-friendly construction trends and possibilities in my native China. I live principally for the design and implementation of sustainable technology, especially the use of solar energy, designing buildings envelope with high R value, reducing energy loss and consumption.

China is in great need of improved architectural planning for the future, especially as we witness growing numbers of mass demolitions and reconstruction for all purposes ranging from simple political favoritism and a concern for city appearance to the interplay of international forces and global economic dynamics. I am especially concerned by the way in which the rapid pace of urbanization in China results in the most vulnerable falling through the cracks of our societal progress. This has led me to dream of becoming a people’s architect whose mission is social rather than financial and I see Columba as the perfect setting in which to pursue my dream.

I look forward to learning everything that I can about targeted users and I am especially pround of the fact that I have solid architectural experience already here in America where, in addition to completing my undergraduate studies at the University of XXXX. I also designed a boutique hotel in XXXX in the fall semester of my senior year. I am convinced that this project has been a great success because of the close attention that we paid from the very beginning to the potential users: Visiting Lecturers and other university guests, family and friends of students, tourists, and others attracted to the close proximity of the hotel to campus.

During my junior year in Architecture at UXX, I designed an environmentally friendly library that would be able to serve two distinct residential groups on campus. I distinguished myself in particular in my class dealing with building energy and since that time the word sustainability has become the foundation of my new vocabulary and the horizons of my professional concerns and interests. Writing a report on the energy performance of a campus building with the help of Equest, helped me to see the vast need for improvement all around me.

I also see the concept of sustainable design as related in an integral and intricate way with the goal of designing for users.  I look forward to studying many different approaches to these issues at XXXX and to excel in particularly at applying them to the context of architecture in China, design with the Chinese people in mind as the targeted users, rather than just Chinese elites. I look forward to learning everything that I can about spatial sequence and user perception, how daylight penetrates the building façade and affect users’ moods, for example.

At some point, I hope to put my Master’s Degree from XXXX to work by building my own firm dedicated to promoting the optimal sustainable living environment for China’s popular masses, especially in urban settings, optimizing living, working and student environment to the most comfortable level possible. I very much look forward to becoming a part of Columbia’s especially dynamic academic environment, learning from other students from all over the world in additona to the program faculty and guest speakers. XXXX would be the ideal setting for me to spend a professional lifetime and I will give XXXX my all in the hope of becoming the finest, world class architect who has the finest preparation possible in order to meet the great challenges faced by China if it is to meet its housing needs in dignified and sustainable way into the future.

Throughout the course of my undergraduate education in the USA, I incorporated the basic ideas that characterize Chinese architecture in my studio projects using a variety of approaches. Until the last year of learning with the study of building environment and energy efficiency, I have come to more fully appreciate the way in which sustainable design is the best way to adequately respond to the needs of the people, especially the needs of their children and grandchildren. I have established that I am capable of excellence and have developing increasingly effective time management skills has been central to my success. I did especially well in my architectural technologies class and I am constantly looking for new and more creative ways to implement technological advances into my studio projects.

I serve as the Director of our Business Development Department at the Chinese Student & Scholar Association. We successfully fundraised for the big events with the support of companies such as Busey Bank, AAA, and State Farm, etc. This experience helped me to develop my leadership and negotiation skills in preparation for my professional future in architecture. I am also the Founder and President of XXXX, a platform to advance education and professional networking for local Chinese students of Architecture. Through the dynamic engagement of the organization in the school, we speak up concerning the needs of Chinese students and build up a strong bond among local and international students.

As a result of my intense engagement with the Hangzhou Architecture Design Institute, I have become especially competent at modeling and drafting skills, the experience also strengthened my critical thinking skills and I now more fully realize the urgency of green design in China. Chinese architecture must remain modest by world standards, but it can become clean and sustainable, and this is where I personally want to make my own professional mark. The Chinese population is becoming increasingly urban; thus, we face unprecedented challenges in terms of sheer numbers, and creative ideas for the development of green urban populations that are largely self-supporting and sustaining, through the elimination of waste and a focus on renewable energy.

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