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HR Masters, Multiculturalism, African-American

I am an African American woman, still only 25, with a lot of professional experience, primarily from serving in our Air Force. I was born and raised in Dolton, Illinois, and like our former distinguished Senator from our home state, Barack Obama, I revel in a new American era of multiculturalism, and I very much enjoy being part of the achievements of many black people in America who are assuming ever prominent professional positions through academic achievement. I find the field of Human Resources to be the most exciting, vibrant of all fields; thus, I am highly motivated and hope to excel in your program at XXXX University.

 I keenly enjoyed earning my BS in Business Administration from the University of XXXX; now, I long to go forward academically in the area in which I have the greatest intellectual curiosity. XXXX’s solid reputation in HR drew me to your program. My long term goal is to be a first class executive in HR. 10 years from now, I would like to be the director of human resources for a fortune 500 company. After finishing your program, I will seek a general human resources position with a lot of responsibility.

  I was a retail manager for two years in the area of home supplies and I served in the Air Force for approximately 1 year as a personnel specialist, which has provided me with some experience in the vast challenges faced by HR data systems. My time as a retail manager at XXXX’s also helped to prepare me for graduate school because it taught me how to multitask and give everything the exact amount of attention that it requires. Being a manager was at first somewhat overwhelming, the sheer scope of responsibility, but I have because accustomed now to a very fast-paced environment.

 I also believe that I am a strong candidate to your program because I have undergone an enormous amount of stress throughout my life, yet I been persistent in accomplishing my goals. As a teen entering college l I had to watch my mother become ill due to multiple sclerosis and be placed in a nursing home, while still young, because me and my family were unable to take care of her. I forced myself to stay focused on my studies, so that I could graduate on time and find a decent job so that I could help out more at home. Upon graduation from college, I had to watch my father also become ill with liver disease, finally succumbing to his illness after I had been in the Air Force for 11 months. I have clearly placed my career above my parents, and hope to honor them by distinguishing myself in your program.

 The greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to be able to raise a family without struggle, and to help many others to do so as well. I come from a world where many people are forced to seek government assistance; thus, I take special delight at becoming an HR professional so as to serve as a role model of pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps in the world of business and commerce. I traveled a great deal in the Air Force and this has helped me to develop a special appreciation for diversity and inclusion, an interest which I hope to develop in your highly esteemed program.

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