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MBA, Masters, Service Marketing, Development

Business development, management, and the technology that drives economic development are my principal loves in life. An extrovert, I am passionate about people, marketing, and business connections; I never tire of talking, plotting, scheming about how to make business grow. And I like to think that this is about a lot more than making money; since I see business development as the primary motor of human development, I also see business development as a humanitarian enterprise, helping myself and others to succeed together, through intelligence and hard work. These are the principal reasons why I sincerely believe that I am a strong candidate for your program: especially my incessant good cheer and my dedication to my work and my colleagues. Furthermore, as a cosmopolitan young woman whose adventurous spirit has led her to travel much of the world, I feel that I am a natural for business development in the international sphere, long having cultivated my intercultural sensitivities, appreciation and respect for diversity, and a pragmatic approach to problem solving, bringing people together to perform important tasks, negotiation, leadership, and all the qualities that go into making a successful business performer in the international arena.

 My ideal job after completing your program would be to work as a Product or Business Development Manager, especially in the area of software development—given my passion for technology and communication, and my conviction that IT represents the single-most important factor in the success of any given company—especially when operating on the international level. I particularly look forward to assuming responsibility for increase in market growth and the subsequent profitability of a product line. I keenly look forward to continuing to travel as a professional, fulfilling my responsibility for the implementation of products in new international markets.

 I see your program and earning the MBA at XXXX University as the key foundation for my futures success. I fully trust that your renowned program represents the ultimate tool kit of resources that I need to acquire in order to realize my dreams to the fullest extent possible, especially my long term goal of serving our global motors of economic development in the capacity of a Recruitment Consultant with a proven track record in Sales and Marketing. A solid team player dedicated to excellence and professionalism, I am most excited about the fellowship and exchange of ideas that I will be able to benefit from in your program, working alongside students from diverse backgrounds helping to prepare each other for ultimate success.

 Born and raised in Poland, I left my native country because it was too easy—thriving on challenges and always holding aloft my goal of becoming an accomplished international player, I have stayed glued for many years now to both the English language and my study of business development. Completing an MBA program in America and becoming an internationally successful businesswoman has long been my dream. In fact, quite literally, I even dream in English now, and most of the time, of course, I dream about business, marketing, meeting the challenges that lie ahead in new frontiers. As someone who is fixated on the goal of someday becoming a director of sales and marketing for a progressive, rapidly expanding company, I see your program, geared towards Service Marketing, as an especially good fit for my career goals and I look forward very much to the privilege of meeting your faculty and the other graduate students in the program.

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