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MBA UK, Kuwaiti Applicant

As with many people in my native Kuwait, I am a business man who looks forward to a long and productive career doing business in the international arena. I want very much to attain my MBA in London because I see the UK as the principal center of international business and your academic institutions as the finest in the world. Still only 24, I am full of energy and determination, an idealistic young man who keenly looks forward to giving his all to his studies. I have the full support of my family and social network and the highest level of respect possible for English language and society. I feel most strongly that I will be able to excel in your esteemed program primarily because of my vast motivation to succeed, as well as my business experience.

 My father has always been my principal role model. He is our family hero primarily because of the way that he turned a less-than-profitable family business around and now owns and operates a major construction firm with extensive projects throughout the Middle-East. My father has few regrets in life, always looking forward rather than looking back, and I see this as extremely healthy. Yet, my father does lament never having attained an MBA; thus, he is my primary support and his encouragement of my pursuit of the MBA Degree is especially important because our family is a team, and furthering my education in this way in your cutting-edge MBA Program with its focus on international business will provide me with the optimal tool kit and global experience that I need to compliment our family business and continue to help it grow long into the future. We see business as the primary motor of economic development, and free open commerce as the best strategy for overcoming the political tensions that have long afflicted our part of the world. Thus, having completed my undergraduate studies in commerce with distinction, I am fully geared up for the rigors of your MBA program and keenly look forward to returning to full time studies.

 I have already acquired vast experience with Kuwait’s business community and our contacts throughout the region. I feel strongly that your program is the optimal location for me to continue to refine my knowledge and transform the limited insights that I have already mastered into the profound, professional wisdom that is required to become a leader in the world of international business. In addition to the extremely high quality of your faculty, I also look forward to expanding my horizons through interaction with you multi-culturally diverse student body and larger academic community. By continuing to sharpen my business tool kit and communication skills, I will thus be able to prepare myself for the maximum contribution possible to our ongoing economic development in the Middle East, through greater participation in our global economy.

 I cannot help but wonder to what point our family construction business might have already arrived if my father had of had the opportunity for graduate studies abroad. I want now to fulfill our dream, for both of us, and for our society. In addition to my diligence, I am open minded and adaptable, having greatly profited in my own multicultural awareness and language/communication skills as a result of completing my undergraduate studies in Montreal. Attaining the MBA Degree from your program will provide me not only with the tools that will strengthen our family business, but also the wings to go above and beyond our accomplishments so far. I seek to carve out my own path in a rapidly evolving world characterized by the ever-increasing need to harness technological advance to the service of business productivity, learning how to be an effective organization team player that is flexible and responsive to local needs at the same time that I never lose sight of the bigger picture of a world in search of peace and harmony through greater wealth creation to ultimately be shared by all. I very much appreciate your consideration of my application to your program.

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