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PHD Nanotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Indian

As a young man, growing up in India, I had an innate attraction to the unexplained mysteries of the physical world that surrounded me. As I grew, so did my fascination and I excelled in the sciences, and mathematics.  By the time I was in high school, I had narrowed my focus to chemistry, physics, and math, so that by the time I was an undergraduate, I had furthered refined my interests to chemical engineering.  The decision was completely natural for who I was, and eventually became my professional ambition: to pursue a career in research, and to serve as either a faculty member in a respected university, or within an industrial R&D department.

 In order to bring my plans, goals – my dreams – to fruition, I need to align myself with a quality research program, bringing my research interests in Process Systems Engineering to bear.  Earning my Ph.D. in Process Systems Engineering will lay the necessary foundation from which I can launch my career as a researcher and/or independent consultant. 

 Upon building my exposure in the field, I anticipate eventually bringing my knowledge and acumen to burgeoning research scientists within a university setting.  Indeed, there is a distinct need to impress upon our future scientists the omnipresent environmental issues, particularly our polluting of fragile environmental systems and global warming, issues that if go unchecked, threaten future generations.  I will bring my enthusiasm and strong work ethic to my academic and professional career, impressing upon students the need to understand their future and imperative role, and how they can bring about sustainable changes to ensure a healthier planet for future generations.

 Moreover, entering into a scholastic relationship with the Process System Engineering program will aid me in my research career in two significant ways. Firstly, working through my thesis under the expert guidance of expert faculty, I will be given the necessary tools to determine if my work will provide the discipline with significant and original contributions.  The stalwart faculty I will be privileged to work under will provide an excellent model from which to transform from a student into a researcher who works well autonomously or as a part of a multidisciplinary team.  Secondly, the Ph.D. program itself will expose me to intensive, cutting-edge knowledge and contemporary developments within my subfield.

 I bring with me to the student body and Process System Engineering program a solid academic foundation that represents seven years of conceptual continuity and academic excellence.  Indeed, my undergraduate education at NorthMaharashtraUniversity developed my budding grasp of Chemical Engineering.  More importantly, I strived to maintain an approach of expanding independent effort in all of my work.  Engaging in private study and then sharing my understanding with other brought many rewards, and expanded my classmates as well as my comprehension of concepts.

 Proof of my ability and commitment to my undergraduate education is evident in my having received a First class with distinction in my senior year and top-five student rank in my class during my penultimate and senior years.  My independent abilities and capabilities were tested and proven by my senior thesis project entitled, “Removal of Basic Dyes from Textile Effluents”, whose aim was to remove basic dyes from textile effluents through adsorption.  This process was facilitated by non-conventional adsorption materials, namely rice husks and bottom ash, and their abilities and adsorption rates compared.  I believe that my desire to enter into a teaching position post-PhD. began when, as part of my undergraduate work, I presented a seminar entitled, “Biotechnology – An Alternative for Chemical industry”.  The seminar’s aim was to increase the participants understanding of not just biotechnology concepts, but also the transsystemic importance of biotechnology in chemical engineering, and its advantages over its counterparts, applications and potential for further impact. 

 Additionally, I felt a sense of urgency to research and find possible solutions to the issues of global warming, and how our pollution of the earth is affecting our lives.  It was during my undergraduate education that I conducted a literature survey and research.  This process was the motivating factor for my presenting three papers at the national level on pollution control and the environmental assessment and impact of various chemical industries.  To date, I have participated in four national level paper presentations, earning an honorable mention commendation in one.

 It was during my undergraduate education that I gained my first experience of professional chemical engineering work, and completed an industrial training course within the steel industry, specifically ISPAT Industries, Ltd.’s Acid Regeneration Plant and Effluent Treatment Plant in Nagpur, India.  Overall, my undergraduate experiences developed my understanding of the theoretical, experimental and computational skills required to succeed in Chemical Engineering research, and was left eager to do more, and on a larger scale.

 Graduate-level Chemical Engineering at XXXX University acquainted me with a greater depth of understanding of Process Control, Simulation tools and more technical knowledge of other Process Engineering concepts.  While the coursework focused mainly on the oil and gas industries, the education experience provided me with extensive opportunities to develop my skills in the Process Engineering field.  For example, having completed a project – Process Optimization of a Production Process of Phenol from Propylene and Benzene using Aspen Plus – I was able to simulate the entire process using the sequential modular method facilitated by Aspen Plus.  Upon building my hypotheses from these results, I was then able to further simulate using an Equation-Oriented Strategy.  Other projects included the modeling of Distillate Hydrotreater Unit and another based on Sustainability, which concentrated on the Sustainability Steps required by the Beaumont-Port Arthur area (part of the Golden Triangle).

 In addition to my research work, I have been involved in a co-curricular activity, acting as Coordinator for the Chemical Engineering Students Association (CHESA) chapter of XXXX University, a position I earned in my senior year after two years of membership.  As the Coordinator, my interpersonal, leadership and time management skills were put to good use organizing paper presentations, quiz competitions, industrial visits and group discussions, bringing our members into contact with Chemical Engineering professionals.  Throughout my time with CHESA, I attended numerous seminars regarding business management, organized sports tournaments, as well as fund-raising endeavors.  The experience truly increased my sense of self-efficacy, comfort with talking in front of groups, and transmitting my passion for Chemical Engineering.

 As a Process Engineer and Intern at Filtra Chemicals, I have gained professional and supervisory experience, overseeing the work of the entire plant.  Assisting the Senior Engineer with process calculations, troubleshooting of critical equipment, providing process engineering support to operations, product quality and plant maintenance, my experiences have increased my appreciation for Chemical Engineering at an industrial level – in the field – as well as real world issues as they unfold in real time.

 Participating in XXXX College’s Ph.D. Chemical Engineering program is more than a logical step for my academic career and me, it is a natural progression, one that will be the greatest step towards achieving my dreams.  Even above my experiences, and accolades, I bring with me the motivation and intellectual ability to succeed and make valuable contributes to a demanding research program.

 I look forward with great eagerness to a fruitful relationship with your department as a Ph.D. student.  No other program of study could possibly provide me with the breadth and autonomy of curriculum that I need to develop my abilities to conduct independent research.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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