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HRM, Veterans, Medical, African American

I have found a great deal of fulfillment from my positions in the field of social work over the last 7-and-a-half years. Working primarily in the areas of veteran’s medical issues on the one hand, and a shelter for victims of domestic violence, on the other, I have gained increasing understanding and appreciation of the importance of human resource management and I have decided that it is in this area that I wish to pursue graduate studies and continue to advance professionally. I feel strongly that my background as a social worker and administrative personnel will both be a very useful as a foundation for my career in HR.  I am an African-American woman who lives in Hawaii and my professional experiences have helped me to develop a profound sense of multicultural appreciation, which I see as of particularly critical importance to the HR professional in our increasingly multicultural societies of today.  

I was in the US army from 1987 through 1994 and worked in the area of Personnel. I appreciated this opportunity to serve my country and I have a special love, respect, and admiration for our veterans. I feel that I am an excellent candidate because I have the kind of extensive background and experience that would allow me to make important contributions to veterans’ abilities to reestablish themselves in civilian society and to pursue meaningful careers.

 After completing your Master’s Program, I plan to work towards a career with the military in their Department of Human Resources.  This field will allow me to use my knowledge and skills to help fellow veterans as well as active members of the military members.  I look forward to playing a direct, positive role in the lives of those who sacrifice so much for America.

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