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Blog posts : "Occupational Therapy"

OT, Masters of Occupational Therapy, Nigerian

My current work has involved a significant amount of contact with Occupational Therapists and their child patients who suffer learning and communication disabilities. I have been deeply impressed with the dedication of the therapists and the effectiveness of their painstaking work. In my country of …

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OT Masters, Poverty, Humble Origins

I am a Mexican woman whose life has been humble, with my people.  I grew up in a one room shack on the edge of the desert in a part of Arizona that looks much more like Mexico than the rest of the United States.  We had no bathroom, old clothes, shoes, and the other kids made fun of me at school.  I…

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OT Masters, Developmentally Challenged Children

I am a young man who was born and raised in Nigeria until the age of 16. I have being living in the U.S for the past nine years and I now feel that is the optimal time for me to pursue graduate study.  I am a caring, compassionate young man who is very devoted to the cause of service to others and I…

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