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Sample LOR for Graduate School in Human Resources, Chinese Applicant

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I recommend my student XXXX to your distinguished graduate school program in Human Resource Management. I have been teaching classes in the area of Business Communications at Santa Clara University in California for the past 2 years and I am also the founder and President of XXXX & Associates, a business-consulting firm. I do not recall any of my students showing greater potential for success as an international business person than Vivian, especially as a result of her great sensitivity for issues of corporate social responsibility and fairness; and her appreciation of ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and religious diversity. For these reasons in particular, I see her as a natural for HRM.

This is especially true with respect to business relations between China and the West. I admire the fact that after earning her undergraduate degree here in the USA, she wants to undertake graduate studies in Canada in the area of human resources development, so as to study Western relations with China from a balanced, well-rounded perspective, so that she is able to think creatively about options for mutually beneficial collaboration. Vivian took my class in business communication which is heavily focused on presentations both informal and especially formal; and in this area in particular Vivian distinguished herself as having enormous potential in the area of presentation. She has also developed most admirable interview skills.

I admire XXXX’s thoroughgoing grasp of sales and marketing strategies, especially with respect to the recruitment of Millennials. Perhaps not surprisingly, she is at her most creative when she studies and writes about young people like herself. Perhaps the single greatest strength that I see in XXXX’s application to your HRM program is the fact that she has professional exposure and experience in her native China. She learned a great deal about human resources in the context of business issues as an intern with China Telecom and, as I listened to her talk about the experience, I was struck by her keen sense of loyalty to the company that she works for and her adept sense of business ethics along with the complex nature of the special challenges facing her native China.

Clearly, XXXX’s professional passion is Human Resources and I could not feel more strongly that she will prove herself to be an asset to the program that selects her and she chooses to attend. She seems to have her heart set first and foremost on York University and I share her excitement in this regard given the superlative quality of your program.

XXXX was a bit shy as are almost all young Chinese women who come to Santa Clara for purposes of higher education. But I watched her blossom before my eyes, steadily finding her voice and the confidence to speak her mind freely. The rapidity of her progress speaks volumes about her capacity to go on learning in an HRM program and to make important academic contributions in the area of human resources management. I could not recommend her more highly and I would be pleased to provide you with any further information about Vivian’s unique qualifications as a candidate for entrance into your HRM Program.


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